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Next breakfast meeting
Wednesday 3 July at the Parrot and Punchbowl. Please click here to book.


Renew your membership now

1st April marks the new membership year, we need you to renew in order to continue working on your behalf. Please be aware that we will not be sending out newsletters to those that do not rejoin so non members will miss out on news, meetings and opportunities in the town. Many of you have already rejoined (thank you) but if not we ask that you fill out the new membership form on the join us page and deliver it, with a cheque, to Ipswich Building Society in Aldeburgh High Street. Or why not save yourself the hassle and set up a standing order?  


Christmas Window Competition

Well done to O&C Butcher, Riley and Riley and Tilley and Grace for winning our coveted 'Best Dressed Window' award. Many of the windows in the High Street look lovely and reflect the imagination and enthusiasm of the staff. Aldeburgh's Mayor Jocelyn Bond had a tough choice choosing the winners so well done everyone that took part!

January Business Association Breakfast

Christmas is nearly here - we hope trade has been good and that you have a successful festive holiday. Do join us on Wednesday 3 January 08.00am at The Wentworth for what is sure to be a delicious breakfast and an opportunity to compare notes and review 2017 with other business owners and representatives of Aldeburgh organisations. Please let me know if you plan to attend so that we can ensure there is enough for everyone.

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