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Scottish Power Renewables update February 2021

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Full details of the Scottish Power Renewables issue (SPR) can be found in previous news stories but, briefly, the Planning Inspectorate is currently considering evidence regarding the SPR’s plans to land cables on the beach just north of Thorpeness and dig 9km cabling trenches across the AONB to Friston where they will build huge substations. While the ABA is in favour of renewable energy we have learnt that SPRs plans are only the first of many which will bring significant traffic and construction disruption to the immediate area over the next 12-15 years, damaging unspoilt countryside, closing roads and footpaths, threatening the tranquillity of the area that visitors love and impacting on the viability of businesses and cultural venues. No local jobs will be created and there are a number of better options.

Sarah Whitelock took part in the hearings on 28th January and presented a case for denying consent to SPR and preserving the success of the local economy. To see the hearing click on this link and spin forward 25 minutes. Watch hearing.

You can read the text of Sarah’s evidence clicking the link below.

ABA evidence REF4-070 03.02.21
Download PDF • 293KB

You can also watch the 5 minute ABA video on this topic below.

To learn what our local MP, Thérèse Coffey, has to say you can view her giving evidence here.

If you want to know more or want to share your views email us here please email us on

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