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Here's what we talked about - January 2020

We had a delicious breakfast on Wednesday at Sea Spice where we heard from Steven Sant and David Cook about the Lifeboat Station and their new recruitment drive.

They are keen to dispel the myth that lifeboat people tend already to be connected to the sea (although historically this was true) and find people who either live or work nearby to join the volunteer team of 60 already based at the station. Examples of current crew members include a teacher, IT specialist, graphic artist and a mechanic. Steven and David were keen to encourage anyone present to either get involved or urge employees to take part because of the skills that they develop with the job, teamwork, self confidence, first aid and resilience.

Anyone who wants to know more should either call in at the station, call 01728 452552 or e mail

Aldeburgh Green and Clean

Alan and Christine Collett spoke about their most recent initiative. Known locally for their very successful Aldeburgh's Amazing Swifts campaign they are working closely with the library and the community to encourage residents and visitors to think carefully about about everyday actions and their impact on climate change and the environment. The library will have changing displays to support the campaign, call in to find out more (and to recycle crisp, nut and biscuit wrappers).

Christmas round up

Judging by the empty plates all 26 attendees thoroughly enjoyed their fruit, pastries, scrambled eggs and smoke salmon but still managed to contribute to the discussion about how businesses fared during Christmas and New Year. There was universal agreement that the community led day of Christmas festivities on 7 December had been a great success and worked well as an event led by the town and its community groups rather than just its businesses. Everyone also liked the new lights and the small trees above the shops. There were too many people involved to thank but everyone hoped for a similar event next year.

Next meeting will be Wednesday 4 March, we need to sort out a venue so let us know if you would like to be next! Owners/managers have an opportunity to speak at the meeting, get all the money we take and raise their profile locally. There is no doubt that the ABA is very lucky to have so many generous venues that serve such wonderful breakfasts and encourage members to come along. Thank you so much.

We look forward to seeing you on 4th March.

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