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Updated: Sep 12, 2019

PRESS NOTICE                                                                                                                             15 March 2019

Lights went up in Aldeburgh High Street for Christmas 2018 but there was universal disappointment at the lack of a community event to celebrate their sparkle due to a shortage of volunteers. Happily the situation looks very different for Christmas 2019 with the newly appointed learning officer from Aldeburgh Museum at the Moot Hall, Fiona Lewington, stepping forward with fresh ideas and enthusiasm for the day.

Fiona said: “It’s great that local businesses raise the considerable sum needed to get the lights up but putting on an event was becoming too much for the small committee. My role at the museum is to involve the community so organizing the day fits my job description really well and I am delighted to take it on.”

Fiona will be working closely with the ABA to ensure that businesses all over the town get involved with the exciting theme of a ‘Dickensian Christmas’ as a theme.  Plans are not yet fully developed but Santa has been booked, schools are being contacted, a town trail is being planned and ABA members are being encouraged to consider dressing their business to suit the theme.

Sally Ogden, Chair of the Business Association said: “We were at crisis point last year so to have renewed energy for such an important day in the town is great news. I am delighted, we will be doing everything we can to help Fiona make the day a great success. On top of having someone to organize the day we have also had offers of help to raise the money for the lights themselves for which I am extremely grateful.”

Fiona Lewington has a range of plans that are not yet formalized but they include many of the organisations in the town. Anyone wanting to take part should contact Fiona via e mail:

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