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An update of Energy Projects


The Planning Authority is continuing to take evidence from interested parties and, following our survey, we now have a clear mandate of 90.48% from members to speak against the development. We are now registered as an ‘interested party’ and Sarah Whitelock is hoping to speak, mainly on the impacts Sizewell C will have on tourism, on the 24th August. We will publish her document and links to the hearings on the website.

Hinkley Point by Alex Reed.

Meanwhile, there has been significant interest from the press on the closure of the Taishan 1 reactor in China, which raises critical questions for Hinkley C and Sizewell C, because they are of the same design. There has also been coverage of the government's plan to remove CGN (Chinese General Nuclear) from the UK nuclear programme with speculation that the funding will be replaced by what the papers are calling a nuclear tax (RAB) on each household.


The hearings before the Planning Authority closed in July, the next step is for the Planning Inspectorate to make a recommendation to the Secretary of State who will then make the final decision on whether or not the mega hub and cabling corridors can go ahead. This will take some months. Local campaigners, including town and parish councils, have fought a prolonged and determined battle for a ‘split decision’ in which the wind turbines would be granted planning permission but the on-shore connections would be refused in favour of a more suitable site.

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